All Talk. No Walk. Tick-Tock.

Verbally professing one’s faith is absolutely essential to the continuation of the Great Commission, as well as shining the light of Christ into a very dark and sinful world. Without people preaching the Word of God, sharing their testimonies, and studying Scripture with one another, no one would be fed the living bread they need to stay alive and Christianity would go extinct. So if you are bold and courageous enough to take heed to Romans 1:16 and are unashamed of your faith and you are fulfilling the commission Jesus gave all of us in Matthew 28:18-20 then THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your service in this area.

Now, with this being said, there is a certain issue within Christian spheres that I would like to shine some light on. Before I continue, keep in mind that this is a plea and a press towards righteousness and is in no way a form of condemnation, nor am I saying that I have perfected this in my own life. That disclaimer being said, let’s proceed.

I’ve yet to meet a Christian who did not want to talk about what they believe in. We are a people of fellowship, always wanting to discuss theology, doctrine, and how we perceive Jesus Christ and Scriptural truth. However, I’ve been challenged recently by witnessing some of the projects the youth of Olathe East High School’s FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) have been working on. Lars Hanson (Lars Hanson Testimony), a teenager seeking to graduate from high school, is a leader within the group of young individuals and I am deeply moved by his service, testimony, and ability to teach from God’s Word. It’s young men like him that remind me why youth ministry is so awesome and moving. My love for youth ministry aside, these students have put into ACTION the things they’ve been learning. By serving the community around them, praying within the school’s four walls, leading teammates to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and much more.

Shouldn’t this spur us on? I’m a 21-year-old and I think my faith can often pale in comparison to the faith mentioned above and in my previous blog “Selfless” where I talk about the faith and servant’s heart of Jed who wants to be a missionary. I believe this should certainly fuel the fire for the older generation of believers to take steps of faith and to MOVE; to take action and to move mountains for the LORD.

He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” (Matthew 17:20)

So will you join me in taking action? Men, we are called to lead, to stand up for what is right. Those who know the good they ought to do and don’t do it, sin (James 4:17). Therefore I challenge you and I challenge myself to man up and to meet the call of the Lord on our lives; to serve wholeheartedly, love unconditionally, and to live counter-cultural lives of humility, submitting to the authority of the Lord and living in reverent fear of our Heavenly Father. We must constantly remember who it is that we serve.

“To whom will you compare me? Or who is my equal?” says the Holy One. Lift your eyes and look to the heavens: Who created all these? He who brings out the starry host one by one and calls them each by name. Because of his great power and mighty strength, not one of them is missing.” (Isaiah 40:25-26)

Time is running out brethren. Life is “but a breath” and before you know it, your friends, coworkers, classmates, family members, and many others will be dying before your eyes, having never seen the Gospel of Christ actively shown to them within your life and the lives of other “believers”. So, will you change this trend? Will you begin to profess your faith more boldly? Will you not only verbally share the message of freedom in Christ but also display it to others by the life you live out?

Tick-tock…..tick-tock….tick-tock……….this is an urgent matter. Time is running out! Praying for you brothers and sisters in the faith!

5 thoughts on “All Talk. No Walk. Tick-Tock.

  1. AMEN!! It’s so good to see you post Justin! It’s been a while since I’ve seen anything but I know that you keep busy with school and all as well as writing when you are Spirit led. ( I remember that about you! ) I pray you have been doing well overall as you have not been out of my prayers. God bless you and THANK YOU for setting a blazing fire with this awesome post!


    1. Thanks a lot! I’m glad that you liked it. I’ve definitely been busy with school and typically only write when I feel led, that’s pretty cool you’ve noticed that! I’ve written quite a bit since you last commented on anything though. Did you check out the blog I posted about my friends the Pearlescent Shepherds? Or the one I wrote called “Selfless”? If not, you should check out their music and “Selfless” is long, but probably has the heaviest message of anything recent. How can I pray for you by the way?

      1. Hi Justin!
        Yes yes I see now that you have written more prior to this. I THOUGHT I was following your blog. Perhaps I was but I wasn’t subscribed as that is usually how I’m reading blogs I follow ( via my phone ) since I rarely find myself sitting down at a regular sized PC! Lol. With 5 kids, I keep busy and the day time I’m usually cleaning and such. But I’m starting to use the computer more during the day when they are in school.

        Anyway, I will be reading the other post soon. Looking forward to them regardless how lengthy one may be. And yes you could pray for me. Thanks for asking. Well, I ask that on my journey that I walk and talk more in obedience to what is being spoken to me to say and do. I know I am growing more and need to step out even further for the Kingdom. That’s all I can think of right now. I guess I wasn’t expecting that question since I haven’t been asked in a long time by anyone who wanted to pray for me. Thank you…. wow. That touched me deeply. I appreciate it.

        God bless you through your walk in and for the Lord, your school studies and all that you do in life that it may be glorifying into Him!


  2. My niece has a tagline on email that say: “Preach the Gospel always, and if necessary, use words.”

    I frankly don’t have much confidence in talking component of sharing the faith because that’s man talking; talking about God. The testimony that God has of himself is that, that’s not where his kingdom is. The kingdom of God is not in words which are good for talking. All the other religions of this world are centered around talking about wisdom, but vital Christianity is different in that it has the component, or dimension of power which goes far beyond word. Anybody can talk, but where this power is demonstrated in the works of Christ doing the reconciliation ministry, it is God who speaks; in fact the power of God is the other name for Christ……….it is Christ speaking in action, he is the real script, the one that he tells us not to bring when we share the gospel because that’s his role in the Gospel. Through history God has gone way out of his way to show his power: he waited till Lazarus was dead, buried, and rotting before showing up so the power of God could be seen dramatically in Lazarus resurrection. He raised up Pharaoh and the mighty Egyptian empire to show his power moderating the affairs of empires on earth.

    It is not hard to become ashamed of the power of God doing these things because those who would be the visible representative of the invisible power of God find themselves often skating on thin ice, in fact waking on water out there with him where there is great uncertainty and risk of being an idiot until the power of God affirms their testimony of God. This is primarily why men do not often talk about anything that beyond the reach of man, where he can defend himself, instead of risking God getting his back when he speaks on the scale of God for God to act.

    The sound mind that God has given to us in Christ constitutes the spirit of love, and the spirit of power. The heart that doesn’t acknowledge God’s love, and his power in equal strength is a broken heart, the mind that doesn’t acknowledge the love and the power of God, on equal footing is mind of the lame whose feet are said to be not equal. Yes God is love, and the church knows this, but like a child whose dysfunctional parental bond, doesn’t allow him know his parent with sufficiently intimate clarity, the fact is hopelessly lost upon the church that not only is God love, he is in actuality equally power….he is power….he is love, and not to present a united front of love, and power equally is to be irreconcilably out of focus to the world. To do that is to walk in a kind of disobedience that compromises the very love we want to share. Give me someone who doesn’t just empathize with my afflictions, all of which God delivers us from, but walks in the power of God to rip that disease from out of my ailing body, so my bed of affliction doesn’t become my death bed.

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