Won’t You?

Won’t you come find me at the bottom of the well?

Won’t you search for me and break the spell?

Won’t you rescue me from this hell?

Won’t you restore me to where you dwell?

Won’t you make my heart beat once again?

Won’t you remind Satan it’s you that wins?

Won’t you take my hand and walk with me?

Won’t you take my soul and set it free?

Won’t you renew a shattered spirit?

Won’t you allow the broken hearts to hear it?

Won’t you use me to share the news?

Won’t you use me to break old views?

Won’t you come back now, mighty to save?

Won’t you snatch hearts out of the grave?

Won’t you answer prayers from the weak?

Won’t you restore my friends that are meek?

Won’t you remember the promises you made?

Won’t you give us rest under your angel wing’s shade?

Won’t you meet me, here where I stand?

Won’t you save Abraham’s descendants; as grains of sand?

Won’t you answer these questions that fright?

Won’t you open our eyes and give them sight?

Won’t you quiet my soul and give me rest?

Won’t you hear the cries of my heaving chest?

5 thoughts on “Won’t You?

  1. Justin, you have done a wonderful job with this one and it’s definitely a favorite of mine 🙂 I’m amazed at the steadily flowing pace you were able to continue on with for so long. I appreciate the transparency I’m finding throughout your blog. Many blessings to you new friend!

    1. It’s an honor to have you reading my blog and so excited about the work the Lord is apparently doing through it according to your incredible remarks! The transparency is a side-effect of the work God has done on my heart throughout the past couple years in college.

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