Heartbreak’s Redemption

I wrote this poem toward the beginning of the academic year and haven’t yet published it for the blogging world and/or peers who perhaps do not follow my Facebook page as frequently as I post things. Many of us are burdened with broken hearts, but I assure you that there is redemption; “Heartbreak’s Redemption”:

You start cursing and hating

While your heart starts debatin’

With your friends ya start tradin’

Stories of men you’re hatin’


Da boys have done it again

Slept with other women for the ‘win’…

But they lost you! And your hearts crushed.

Ya still remember when he made ya blush

The physicality was sorta rushed

He kept your heart’s shame hushed.


Do you know if you keep it bottled,

Then one day unquenchable rage will follow?


Your hearts been betrayed,

Mind and soul dismayed.

“Am I too unattractive…

Is that why he was distracted?”


Your heart wants to be accepted

But once again ya feel rejected.


Trampled under arrogance…

They’ll receive their inheritance…


Shall their lives remain unchanged

And their loveless heart’s lust inflamed,

Then there’s no doubt in my mind

That Hell’s fire will swallow them from behind!


God’s wrath won’t satisfy

Nor will it rectify

The you that was dropped…

In a relationship that was stopped

At a pin-drop/ tick tock


Time’s running out to keep your attention

I’m aware this creates a lotta tension.


So here’s the truth…


You’re shattered.

The words he said never mattered

Used you and your battered

Your heart’s garments tattered.


But haven’t you heard?

I know it’s absurd!

Your Father died for you!

He created and adores you!


Knows your heart best

So please sit down and rest

Take the burdens on your chest

And place them at Jesus’ feet!

He’ll protect your heart with His fleet!


His vessels abound

And ready to surround

Your heart with undying love

Bought by Christ’s blood.


Walk towards His light…

And watch your dark days turn bright.

Well I hope that you were able to find the message within and that your heart’s were touched by the beautiful truth that there is redemption to be found in Christ’s love for us. I also pray and hope that this artistic way of demonstrating God’s unfathomable love for us will truly penetrate your hearts to the core and that you will consider allowing Him the chance to turn your dark days bright. Blessings friends!

9 thoughts on “Heartbreak’s Redemption

  1. I wish it was Jesus we lived with instead of the jerks and the creeps mentioned at the beginning of your poem. A beautiful call Justin! it made me answer after all right? I like it thank you for posting it here so us non-fb-ers can see it too!

    1. No problem! I haven’t posted anything artistic in a little while, so I figured I’d officially publish this via WordPress so others had a chance to uncover the truth that can be found within should they turn their eyes to the Holy Spirit’s desperate calling!

    1. I’ve been going through some extraordinarily dark times. God is starting to slowly break through though as I turn back to Scripture and seek Him above anything else. I’ll be writing something original within the next few days.

      You can definitely be praying for me if you’d like. Battling myself a lot; especially painful thoughts about my appearance and inability to be an effective leader, etc. How have you been? But yep, I’m here! Still alive; still kickin…kinda. haha.

  2. Justin,
    I’m so sorry to hear that. I been in my own storms too, not the best of times this week. I have been reading around(that does not sound right for some reason) but it seems to be a lot of people had it hard this week. I lift you up in prayer my friend. email me if you wish I would have sent you an email but don’t have your add. (my add is on my PR pages.) Don’t give up, God Bless. Love ya Brother!-WATW

  3. Justin, thanks for this. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see guys in this world that understand this, and the need to show respect to yourself and others. Thank you for sharing your heart. I hope things are going better for you right now. Be blessed today, and feel free to email me if you need to chat about things. I will do my best to pray for you, too.

    1. Thanks Carolyn, I’m glad that you appreciate it! And I sent ya a Facebook message, so hopefully you’ll get that sometime today and we can chat that way. Otherwise, my e-mail is jflame08@ksu.edu if you want to get in contact with me that way. Your prayers are such a blessing to me and I sincerely thank you for them.

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