Letter to the Brokenhearted

I know you’re pain-stricken

Tears make your eyes glisten.

Stressing over bills; heartbeat quickens

Mouth’s running miles and you won’t listen.


Family and friends leave you empty,

But I’m here for you. Christ sent me!

Every beer you drink dulls the pain,

Nothing can stop the teardrop’s rain.


You sit under stars and feel small.

Wish you could buy happiness at the mall.

Can’t admit it, but you’re searchin’

Sobs of sorrow have your chest lurchin’


There has to be something greater than the unbearable pain,

It’s stealing your joy and making you go insane.


Sorrowfully, I pray you keep gettin’ rocked…

This may leave some people shocked…


But someday when you’re open,

I’ll get to tell you about this hope and…

If you believe, then you can REST!


His hands will restore YOU!


Gloomy days will turn to joyful smiles,

The color of Creation seen for miles!


I could go on but for now I’ll pray,

That someday you’ll hear what God has to say…

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