Pleasure or Joy?

God’s love for the brokenhearted is unfathomable. My mind simply cannot comprehend such sincerity and the diligence with which my God cares for His children. It astounds me daily. His pursuit of one’s heart is one marked with the tear-stains of much disappointment and anguish; yet He still pursues His Bride; the Church. Like a resilient man chasing after the woman of his dreams, my Father in Heaven displays that extravagant sort of love that could only be dreamed of in romance novels! But yet, it is REAL!

Who, but Jesus Christ, would be willing to have nails driven through their hands, their flesh torn apart prior to being crucified for MY sins?!?! He gave his life as payment for my unquenchable lust, greed, pride, and lack of a caring heart. Who else would be ever so patient with one as they choose between loving sin or loving Him? The utterly sad thing is that 9/10 times I would rather pursue the pleasure of sin than His overflowing joy!

No wonder one can have such a contrite and confused spirit….We seek pleasure over joy. We drink so deeply from the cup of sin that we forget the satisfying taste of never-ending love and joy that Christ can provide! Wondering why we do not have what we desire, one blames God for not being there when the entire time His arms are wide open and He wonders why His love is not enough as once again you run away from home and seek the refuge of corrupt company.

A verse I’ve committed to memory is “Rejoice always, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of the Lord for you.” Yet, I find this very difficult to do. Without Christ, I have no joy. The great paradox is that while my heart desires this spoken of joy God has to give me; my flesh would much rather sulk in selfish indulgences.

No wonder Scripture instructs us to put our flesh to death! No wonder, Jesus’ teachings repeatedly point us towards His Father in Heaven; reminding us over and over that sin is the pathway to death and that He is the pathway to life!

There comes a point when one will reach a fork in the road. Perhaps it is tonight, perhaps it is tomorrow, or perhaps it will be lying on your deathbed. But at some point you will have to make the decision as to whether you will pursue pleasure or joy…The first leads down a path that will be full of excitement and adrenaline as you run down a road that you’re fully aware your Father hates. The latter leads down a narrow path of righteousness that will be filled with intense trials, persecution, and many other hard things. However, God’s love, mercy, and grace will always be protecting you. His Holiness will always radiate from you as you develop His characteristics within yourself. And though, never perfect, you will walk down a road that leads you towards a purity you once thought was never possible. And God Himself will hold and protect you from the flaming fire of His wrath that WILL one day consume those who choose pleasure and sinful nature over obedience and righteousness.

So, my friends, which will it be? Shall you choose resting in the joy of the LORD and walking obediently? Or will you allow yourself to walk the plank; straight to the depths of torment, known of as Hell. My heart’s cry, my sincerest prayer, is that you will run towards the love of Christ with all you’ve got and never look back!

Blessings Brothers and Sisters!

2 thoughts on “Pleasure or Joy?

  1. First, thank you for your utter honesty in this post. It takes a genuine heart to admit when they would rather pursue sin than Jesus. I think that is true of every human.

    Ahhhhh…. 1 thess 5! GOOD ONE. Love love love it. I have clung to that verse many many days.

    I choose the NARROW road. The road LESS traveled. It won’t be easy, and I know that. But still I press on in full awareness of why I chose it…… JESUS ROCKS. Peace out. 😛

    1. This is very encouraging to hear sister! Stay true to the narrow path and God will end up using you like crazy to impact the world with the Gospel! And you’re welcome…it’s all due to God continually bringing me to my knees when I’m prideful. It is through the renewal of my mind and spirit that I am even close to capable of being humble enough to admit things like that.

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