From Death to Life

Look out the window and it’s raining,

The stress of family and work is so draining.


If only, outside it was sunny

And the bank account had money.

But living life in debt

Is something you’ve learned to accept.


If only you had a companion,

But once again, you’re abandoned.


Tired of the world’s kick to the curb,

You’ve placed a sign on your heart saying, “DO NOT DISTURB!”


Then comes something that shakes your foundation,

It starts messing with your heart’s situation.

Your heart is calmed and spirit hydrated

Suddenly you have a reason to celebrate and…


The hopeless life you were once livin’

Became joy-filled and purpose driven.


Your broken pieces picked up from the dust,

Someone’s placing them back together you trust.


Yesterday you were weak,

Today you’re made strong!

Once your heart leaked

But now you belong!


This can’t be true; it’s a lie

So much wrong done; you still cry…

But it’s no fair-tale or fiction

You’re FREE; no restrictions.


Who is the one that’s redeemed

Your life from the hell in which you screamed?


What gave your heart clarity

Now you’re promised prosperity?!?!


The one you’ve met has many names

He’s the one who fulfills these claims.

His mighty hand restores!

From his cup, unconditional love pours.


Reminds you constantly; “Here I am!”

Welcome to the Kingdom of the Great I AM!

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