Time Flies and Seasons Change

My junior year of college has come to an end. The 21 year mark of my life has come and gone. Another semester has vanished in the blurry mist that is my life; continuing in a fast paced whirlwind with no regard for time. It is absolutely terrifying sometimes how quickly the clocks seem to continue turning; the hour hand spinning so quickly that it seems to disappear as pages fly off of the calendar, like a collage depicting time in an older movie.

Over the course of this year I’d say that I’ve developed quite a bit as a writer, a brother, and as a friend. The end of the year is usually a time of reflection for me (as you can tell by the tone of this post) and I’ve been greatly humbled and awed by the sheer depth of some of my relationships. There are a few in particular who have gone far above and beyond what would ever be expected in a friendship. I’m blessed beyond measure by their authentic selfless love and giving hearts and assure you that I have certain not earned such amazing friends. It honestly brings me to tears of joy and only illuminates my own selfishness that much more.

When discussing the ensuing summer and my anxiousness about the unknown I discussed my stress and doubt about the situation with a friend who then challenged me with this statement, “Stress is unbelief.” Needless to say, that hit me at the core as I’ve been stressed to the point of little sleep, poor eating habits, and a total loss of confidence in myself. This same friend then said that this summer “holds either an opportunity or a lesson” to which I said, “that’s what I’m afraid of.” But having had time to meditate on our conversation a bit further I’m beginning to realize that regardless the number of lessons I need to learn, they in themselves are opportunities. It is my hope and will be my prayer that God would be at work within my heart, softening it for the many lessons I have to learn this summer via His Word, being back with my parents, and through my brothers and sisters in Christ in Olathe, KS.

With this summer comes a new season in my life. I believe that as you may be able to tell by reading through all of my previous posts that I have poured out my heart and the things the Holy Spirit has led me to share with you this semester. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and the incredible stories I’ve heard of God’s grace in the lives of my readers. This being said I’ve been counseled and feel led to a time of focusing more on my personal relationship with God; which I will have ample opportunity to do this summer. So, as I turn back to the Scripture and study it with my brothers in Christ this summer I will take a break from updating my blog; I want this to be a season of me humbling myself and learning from others. It is natural for me to want to speak, write, teach, encourage, and instruct others, but there are times when the “teachers” (not that I necessarily am one) need to be taught.

If you would like to be in prayer for me as this summer begins then that would be greatly appreciated and here are a few things that I would greatly appreciate prayer for:

-The provision of a full-time or two-part time jobs for this summer.

-A teachable heart as I enter in fellowship with brothers & sisters in bible studies at home.

-The development of a servant heart (something that doesn’t come naturally for me)

-A new confidence in myself and in the LORD’s Sovereignty in my life.

-DISCIPLINE in all aspects of my life.

Thank you very much for praying for me if you do and for taking the time to read the things that I’ve posted over the course of the semester. I look forward to sharing with you all in the future what I end up learning.

Signing off and praying blessings over you,

Justin Meyer

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