The Mirror

Your presence is never-ending,

Impossible to ignore the message you’re sending.

I look into you for personal feedback

The results have me feeling like a speedbag.

Right cross; then the left jab.

I’m at a loss; feeling drab.

Tears well up and roll down

Nothing will remove this frown.

Tear-stained cheeks, fists clenched

Feels like my heart’s been wrenched

I turn away and leave you there,

Need to remove myself from your glare.

Your message has been heard crystal clear,

But I refuse to listen to a glassy mirror!

Lies straight from the mouth of Satan,

“Justin, you’re worthless and hated.”

But I’m in search of something uplifting

Through God’s Scriptures; I’m sifting.

There it is, the truth has been found.

Thankfully; a much more beautiful sound.

Read 1 Samuel 16:7,

And you’ll see the message from Heaven.

I’m worth more than my oversized frame,

No reason to hide myself in shame.

God looks deep into my heart,

I think I’ll treasure that as a start…

I’m not quite sure why I’m sharing this…but perhaps by the Grace of God, this can be used to encourage someone else. You’re certainly NOT the only one strugging with self-image issues or a lack of confidence. But everytime things start to hurt. We must remember that we can rest in the perfect love of the Cross. God only sees the heart šŸ™‚


Justin Meyer

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