God at Work

For those of you that have stayed up to date on my blog and various writings, then you’ll know that the last thing I wrote was “Warrior”, an article written to declare war on sin as the body of Christ. Toward the end of the entry, I asked two things of readers. One was that they would join me in the war on sin and the second was that readers would be lifting me up in prayer, as I knew the fight would become even more difficult than before. I knew this, because I had just publicly declared war upon my sinful flesh and the seductive ways of the Evil One.

The past couple weeks have certainly not been easy. My flesh has battled me every step of the way, as I’ve allowed the Holy Spirit to continue the transformation of my heart, mind, and body. Regardless of the minor setbacks and hardships… in comparison to the Magnificence and Majesty of the King; life has been good. Fellowship with friends in my hometown over Spring Break was refreshing and very needed.

I’m pleased to tell you that the Lord is at work! Not only in my heart, of course, as we serve a God that is omniscient and Sovereign beyond our comprehension. Every day I learn more and more about my Father’s incomparable greatness and it is an honor to be serving him daily.

A friend of mine wrote me the other day stating that he had read my note “Warrior” and had decided to declare war on sin, along with me. His addiction to pornography had been a battle for him for some time; not uncommon; and he was ready to fight back! Since that moment, the Holy Spirit has blessed him with the strength to deny his flesh the gratification that can come via the false seduction available online. Glory to God as He is at work within the hearts and souls of men!

Another person I know (I’m being vague in both circumstances to protect the identities of these individuals of course) had been dealing with the usage of marijuana. He began to seek the counsel and fellowship of other brothers in Christ and asked us for prayer. Through prayer, Scripture, and various other resources, he was able to declare war on his flesh by deleting the number of his dealer, setting up accountability with one of his closest friends, and much more!

It is SO EXCITING to see the LORD at work! A brother in Christ and I went on a prayer walk prior to Spring Break…we prayed for the campus, for our friends, for the community as a whole, and that the LORD would begin to work! Remember the story of Jericho in the Bible? Well, he and I prayed that the walls people have built around their hearts, their reputations, and much more would come crumbling down! This may sound scary…and in a way it is! But how exhilarating it has been as prayers have been answered, lives have been changed, and conversations have started!

Brothers and sisters, I thought that these first-hand accounts of the Lord being at work would possibly encourage you and spur you on. Hopefully they have. I will and have been in constant prayer for all of you. Please remember that we are called to live in community with one another and cannot fight alone. Find a brother/sister in Christ who will race towards the frontlines of battle with you; picking you up when you fall, healing wounds through the Spirit, and pushing you beyond your limits through Christ!


Justin Meyer

P.S. A quick shout-out to my friends HipHop and J-Weazy; the Pearlescent Shepherds! They JUST dropped their new single. For their entire last album and recent single for free, check out http://pearlescentshepherds.bandcamp.com

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