Rays of Sunshine

There are certain periods of life when things become rather bleak and gloomy. You could equate to a severe thunderstorm in the state of Kansas where there is an incredible amount of damage caused by high-winds, hail, and flash floods. For those of you living on the coast, then it’s much more easily equated to a hurricane or an earthquake. Regardless, of the illustration that works better for you; they all have one thing in common. These are forces of nature that WILL affect the environments that they occur within.

Lately I’ve been enduring the storms of life so to speak and to be honest, my approach to things has NOT been very Christ-centered at all. As soon as things began to look down, I took the burden upon myself and became very me-focused. I looked at everything that I had to accomplish, all of MY mistakes, MY hardships, etc…You get the picture; I became very selfish.

One of my friends at K-State recently tweeted this, “God does not use one greatly until He tests them deeply.” And I believe the Lord has been testing me over and over again over the course of this paster. Testing my patience, faith, and contentment over and over again!

Towards the beginning of this semester I made a statement that was something along the lines of, “Faith is easy to come by when things are going according to plan. REAL faith is revealed when things get tough. The question being: Will we rest in the Lord or will we behave as orphans without a Father?” Needless to say, the Lord has been putting my faith in this statement to the test and I haven’t had much of a passing grade up until now. The reality is that the Lord’s will is going to be done in any situation and us pulling our hair out when things do not go according to plan is not going to do any good. The Lord WILL provide us with everything we need in due time…

This is where things get exciting!…

Despite the crazy situation that I’ve been in, the Lord has continually used various people, songs, Scripture, and other resources to warm my heart and remind me that I am still loved and being taken care of. One example would be one of my closest friends back home, Jake Weakland aka J-Weazy from the Pearlescent Shepherds.(If you haven’t heard their music yet, then you’re MISSING OUT…http:/pearlescentshepherds.bandcamp.com) The other day, I was feeling particularly down and very stressed out and the Lord really used Jake to calm me down and turn my heart back to the cross while also reminding me of how incredibly loved and cared for I am. It was amazing!

The blessings don’t end there though…all of the stress of the past couple weeks has taken it’s toll on my ability to remember things like assignments. So I ended up missing a quiz for my Natural Disasters class, but it turns out that the lowest quiz grade will be DROPPED! Hallelujiah…immediately following this discovery I had another blessing come my way academically, which was just fantastic! THEN I met with a friend for coffee this afternoon after my classes and she said that she’d been praying about my financial situation, etc and that she was going to nominate me for a possible scholarship/award…I was speechless!

My point in writing about all of this is that I want to encourage everyone to realize the Lord will always take care of us in times of need and He knows EXACTLY what it is that we may need in any given situation. Sometimes our lives will get rough, but we must remember that the Lord knows what is best for us and will always be watching over us, so trusting in Him and resting in His perfect love is a much healthier response than stressing out to the point of being sick.

In the upcoming days and weeks as your life begins to seem gloomy and the storms of this life approach the threshold of your sanity, I plead with you to look for those random rays of sunshine that the Lord places in our lives daily that are often taken for granted. The Lord’s blessings are numerous and often quickly forgotten. God is good ALL THE TIME(remember this simple truth)!


Justin Meyer

4 thoughts on “Rays of Sunshine

  1. Hi Justin! I read and received your link to this post via WATW that we have both commented on. I thank you for sharing this with me. What a blessing to my heart this was. In your writing, it took me to a place of rememberance of things I already know! It’s always easier said than done when we are going through a storm ourselves. Everything you said is TRUTH! The more I humbled myself and took my eyes and ” I ” off of me and my problems and focused on Christ, it made it a little easier to get through. It turned out to work sooooooo much better! You nailed it exactly. Lol. My thoughts are running through my head a mile a minute so please forgive me if I skip around in this message. I am smiling brightly for God has placed friends in my path to comfort me and stand in the gap and pray for me. I am very appreciative to meet you. Oh btw, you are most welcome for the prayers. Anytime! I have a heart for others and I can’t help but reach out and pray for them. I’m ok with you reading what I wrote to watw ( womanatthewell ). I was hoping to cross paths with you at some point. Being that it is written in the open, I know anyone could see it. That’s why I said it is what is referring to the stress I go through when mother nature pays a visit. It’s life but I kept it clean and professional in so many words as to not make a guy uncomfortable. 🙂 Anyway, I will continue to pray for you as I said I would. God knows what you need and He always show up right on time. We just need to weather the storm. I’m glad to say that I made it through! Yes there is aftermath occurring in my mind but I need to let it go. The Lord didn’t bring me this far into learning a lesson through my hardship for nothing. One day has enough worries of it’s own, so I shouldn’t fret over tomorrow for it may never come nor do I know what tomorrow may bring, so I gotta let go and let God!

    Many blessings to you my new found brother and friend in Christ Jesus….

    ( virtuouswoman73.wordpress.com )

    1. Great! I’m so glad that the LORD was able to use this particular writing of mine to remind you of some simple truths. I actually wrote this particular one about a year ago, so it is pretty cool that God is still able to use it in people’s lives! Have you had the opportunity to read some of my more recent blog entries? I don’t write nearly as often as WATW or you probably do. I just write whenever I feel inspired to do so by the Holy Spirit, which is anywhere from once a week to once a month, haha. Let me know what you end up thinking of some of the other ones!

      1. I am happy too that Spirit prompted your heart to lead me to reading this particular post! God rocks! I did take notice of when you wrote it. When it comes to a message being put out for the heart of readers and it was lead by the Holy Spirit , time means nothing. Look at the Bible. It’s been in around forever and it STILL applies to our everyday living! I haven’t had a chance to read your other posts yet but I will. I too only write when I feel lead by the Holy Spirit to do so. So it’s hard to say how often I write but when it comes it comes! Who knows if down the road if either one of us will write as much as WATW but I’m content where I am. Her posts are a blessing to read. Well I will most definitely let you know what I think about your posts as I read them. Feel free to do the same with mine when you have time. I haven’t been blogging long. Well, let’s just say I stopped out of laziness about 6 mo ago but The Lord had placed a reader on my heart through a post . She found me by googling two words. She was going through depression. Is was NO ONE but God who led her to my page! I was so happy that God fed her spirit for what she needed at the time. It was then that I knew that I needed to get back to blogging. It was He who put this before me as I am not that much into computers so my patience to learn how to operate a Mac AND learn a new site….. Omgosh I wanted to pull my hair out! LOL. But I had help from a friend I grew up with who blogs. His story of hoe he went from being agnostic to a Christian blew my mind. Praise God for the ram in the bush in so many words! Anyway, may you have a great evening if I don’t catch up with you before then. Bless you!

        ~ Terra

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