Short Stories

The following post is couple short stories/”parables” that I feel compelled to share with those of you that follow my blog. Hope that you like them and that the Lord uses my writing to bring glory to His Kingdom!

The Heartbeat

The continuous beating of the heart-monitor resonates throughout the room. I try to move but can’t as I’m paralyzed by my own misfortunes. My sins have cut, bruised, and abandoned my body and left it laying limp as nothing more than a corpse. I’m paralyzed, and can’t breathe on my own, but am connected to machines that regulate my breathing and heartbeat. A green light flashes up and down on the heart monitor revealing a steady heartbeat, the only thing that shows I’m actually still alive….

Some days that is exactly how I feel. Empty, abandoned, lonely, hurting, scared, fearful, small, insignificant, unworthy, worthless, etc. The picture painted above illustrates the state of my soul when not in God’s Word, but not only that, it can reflect how others are feeling as well, as the flesh continues to convince them to please themselves…We’ve grown up in a culture that says we have to be “stuntin’ like my daddy”, “I’ve got money on my mind and can’t ever have enough, cause all I do is win,” etc…There are thousands of other musical lyrics and pop-culture metaphors that illuminate the pride and ME-centered culture that Americans have had spoon-fed to them from a young age. We have the mentality of DJ Khaled when he says “I can’t ever have enough.” In a recent movie called Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, one of supporting actors says this when asked how much is enough…his arrogantly stated answer is “More…” in a voice that inflects entitlement and pride.

This is what the world has come to… when we follow what our flesh desires we will NEVER be satisfied and will always want more.

Now place yourself in the hospital bed, paralyzed, and unable to move….for the ways of this world have essentially killed you, but only the monitors are keeping you at a state of life…Will you continue clinging to the message of this world, which only leads to more hurt, pain, destruction, and hunger for the Truth?…Because if you continue along that path, the only place it leads is death….the heart monitor will discontinue it’s rhythmic beeping and and your heartbeat will flatline…the world around you will fade and the Great doctor, the Prince of Peace, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords will pronounce you dead….for He never knew you.

My dear brothers and sisters….my life does not reflect the Lord perfectly and I am certainly far from where I need to be, but we ALL need to be reminded of the importance of our relationship with Christ and our pursuit of Him. Our relationship with God is like the heartbeat on the EMT machine…it’s full of its’ ups and downs, it’s a process full of trials, revelations, joy, tears, etc.

The question is…

Will you continue the pursuit of your Father, clinging to life by resting in His arms, or will you stay the course of this world and flatline, allowing your heart to enter a spiritual comatose?

Supporting verses: Psalm 73:26, Psalm 145:14-15, Ephesians 2, Galatians 2:20, 2 Corinthians 5:17, etc.

Written by: Justin Meyer

Short Story #2 “Courtcase: God vs. Justin”

“Justin, what are your accusations?” the judge asks as he peers down at me from the Judge’s stand.

“Your Honor, God has taken things away from me! He’s removed friend after friend from my life. I’ve never felt more alone in my life and I don’t understand why a God that loves me so much would do something so terrible. My friends hold me up, encourage me, they emblazon me with the ability to be confident and bold. I want them back!”

“What do you have to say about these charges Father?” the judge looks over at a man sitting in the defendant’s seat. Everyone in the courtroom is squinting and shielding their eyes with their hands attempting to catch a glimpse of this man’s glory. Light radiates from Him, extinguishing the darkness in every direction, and the courtroom shakes as He stands up to answer the judge and his adversary.

Attendees in the courtroom shake with fear and I sit in the plaintiff’s seat trembling in His presence as I accuse my own Father of wrongdoing.

God, ignoring the judge in the room, looks over at me and into my eyes with such intense love that I can barely keep myself from crying as shame for accusing my Father covers me. Quietly he says “Do not fear, Be strong and courageous.” Words he gave to Joshua after the death of Moses…

“But Lord, I’m scared, lonely, abandoned, and frustrated. How can I trust you as you’ve taken the ones that I love so much away from me?”

“Justin, my dear son, have I ever given you a reason to not trust? Why is it that you are so concerned about your friends? Do you not know that I loved you so much I placed each of them into your life. I created each one of them and placed them in your life for a reason. I used them to strengthen, challenge, and build you up and you love them so much. That’s great, but Justin, do you love me or them more? Are you willing to rely upon me and me alone…? I love you son, but you have to walk into the next phase of life and trust that I have plans for you (Jeremiah 29:11) that will blow you away. I want to use you to change the world, but you have to choose to rely upon me and me alone.”

The Lord Almighty stood there awaiting an answer…

The courtroom faded away slowly and as quickly as the dream had come, it was gone, I was now sitting in my room in Manhattan, KS. A student at K-State…fighting against the Lord internally. Knowing that he is the one and only thing that can keep me going. He is the only thing that can fulfill the yearnings of my heart and yet I was pushing Him away.

It’s time to make Galations 2:20 entirely true of my life and to trust in the Lords words in Jeremiah 29:11. It’s time to be a man and follow the Lord down the narrow path, regardless of how little I can see ahead. I can’t see what my major will be, what my profession will be, whom I will marry, or if I will ever have kids, but I must trust that he will reveal those things in due time. In His time…the only time that really matters.

Written by: Justin Meyer

Conclusion: I pray that these stories are a tool that the Lord will use to spur you on in your relationships with Him and that glory was brought to Him somehow by you taking the time to read this! God bless brothers and sisters!

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