Father God’s Love

Love…What is love?….Who is love?…Many of us search for it daily. We search for the love of family members, friends, members of the opposite sex, drinking buddies, authority figures, strangers, media, pornography…yes, even pornography. Our society is filled to the brim with individuals that are searching for love.

I, myself have searched for love since I can remember. The void within my heart was so big that it could not be filled by anything. No amount of friends, no amount of lust, no girl, no movie, or TV show could provide me with enough of the attention or love that I was seeking. Often, I would find myself depressed and still searching, my heart empty and my spirit dry, thirsting for love, from something, from someone, from anything really!

On the outside, I’ve had it all together. I’ve attended church, read all of the right books, and been heavily involved in ministry along the way. However, inside, I was empty, constantly searching for the love and affection of others, hoping that somehow it would fill the void that was in my heart and it NEVER happened. I was constantly fearful of abandonment, constantly fighting for what I thought to be rightfully mine, etc.

Then a few of my close and dear friends pulled me aside and began to speak truth into my life, pushing me towards God’s love. As they lifted me up in prayer and provided me with resources and Scripture that turned my heart back towards the cross there was a struggle that went on within as I wanted to remain in control(Galatians 2:20 was something I fought against). My life, my money, my time, my resources, mine, mine, mine… Friends continued to challenge me to give all that I had to God, eventually convincing me to fast from Facebook, something that had become a sort of idol for me, which was followed by being challenged to attend StuMo’s Winter Conference in Oklahoma City. I was convinced there was no way for me to go, however a friend challenged me to pray and the Lord blessed me with a way there!

All the while, I’ve been reading through a book called, “Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship,” a literary masterpiece by Jack Frost, the founder of Shiloh Place Ministries. From the moment I read page 1 to the time I reached the end of the book on page 205, I was hooked! Frost illustrates the absolute incredibly perfect love that God has for us!

All our lives we look for love from our parents and others, hoping that one day will can earn the respect from them that we hunger. We attend church, memorize verses, and do all of the right things, hoping that somehow we can earn our way into a better standing with the Lord and of our spiritual mentors. When Christ has already offered us an inheritance! Romans 8:37 states, “Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory.”

God considers us His sons and daughters and we can live freely in His love! This means that we no longer have to struggle and fight in order to be loved. Because God already loves us more than we will ever be able to comprehend! Our services to Him should be done out of worship to the Lord of Lords, King of Kings, and mighty Prince of Peace, whom has dubbed you and I worth of His Grace!

This being said….brothers and sisters I challenge you to take a deeper look at your relationship with Christ…Have you really made God your Father? Have you allowed yourself the spiritual freedom to rest in Father God’s perfect, flawless, beautiful; love?

I’ll leave you with this quote from Jack Frost’s book, “Surrender your orphan heart for a heart of sonship. Enter the embrace of a Father who loves you more than you can possibly imagine. Hold close your identity as a son or daughter of the Father of Creation and explore it to your heart’s content. Your inheritance is waiting for you.”

Friends, I plead with you, as my friends plead with me, to give up whatever it is you’re holding onto and allow the Lord to begin working on your heart in such a way that you can begin experiencing Father God’s Love!!!

2 thoughts on “Father God’s Love

  1. Sweet stuff, dude! Those other things begging for our attention will constantly battle with our need for our Father’s love, telling us they are more pleasing and available whenever we want them. This is the battle we all face as sons/daughters filled with the Holy Spirit, we just have to keep asking for His guidance and love to reign. Keep blogging bro!

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